If there are problems, please check

  • Is the correct board selected in the Arduino software?
  • Is the correct serial port selected in the Arduino software (not applicable for Micronucleus bootloader)? On Linux system: Does the Arduino IDE has the necessary permissions to access serial ports and USB ports?
  • Activate in the Preferences the verbose output: Show verbose output during: [x] compilation [x] upload
  • Is the board detected, check Windows Device Manager or under Linux run dmesg | grep usb?
  • If the board is not detected, try to
  • Troubleshooting Guide from Arduino


Micronucleus Driver Installation

  • Download and extract/unzip: Micronucleus Driver (ATtiny)

  • The Micronucleus bootloader is started, if the board is new and no user program is flashed or after the reset button is pressed. On Nanite841 boards the on-board LED is blinking, when the bootloader is running.

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  • On installation problems or when the USB device is not recognized try a short USB cable (<30cm).

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