Libraries (Watterott)

Libraries for Arduino IDE.


Download all libraries here.

Copy the content of the ZIP-Archive to your Arduino IDE library folder /arduino/libraries/ or to your Arduino user documents folder /My Documents/Arduino/libraries/. If there are existing folders from a previous installation, please delete them before copying.

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ADS1147          - ADS1147 ADC (Analog-Digital-Converter)
ADS7846          - ADS7846/TSC2046 Touch-Controller
DAC8760          - DAC8760 DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter)
digitalWriteFast - Fast pin access for AVR
DisplayI2C       - MI0283QT-Adapter v2 + GLCD-Shield (I2C)
DisplaySPI       - MI0283QT-Adapter v2 + GLCD-Shield (SPI)
DisplayUART      - MI0283QT-Adapter v2 + GLCD-Shield (UART)
DS1307           - DS1307 RTC (Real-Time-Clock)
GraphicsLib      - General Grahipcs Library
LCD_BackPack     - LCD-BackPack (for HD44780 compatible displays)
light_ws2812     - WS2811/WS2812 RGB LED
MCP2515          - MCP2515 CAN-Bus-Controller
MI0283QT2        - MI0283QT-2 Display (HX8347D, SPI)
MI0283QT9        - MI0283QT-9 / -9A / -11 / -13 Display (ILI9341, SPI)
mSD_Shield       - mSD-Shield (Display, microSD, RTC)
RedFly           - RedFly-Shield (WiFi/WLAN)
RotaryEncoder    - Rotary Encoder
RV8523           - RV-8523 RTC (Real-Time-Clock)
S65L2F50         - S65 L2F50 Display (SPI)
S65LPH88         - S65 LPH88 Display (SPI)
S65LS020         - S65 LS020 Display (SPI)
SSD1331          - OLED-Display (SSD1331, SPI)
TinyWire         - I2C/TWI library for ATtiny microcontrollers