How to flash/update the ID EEPROM?

The EEPROM on the HAT can be updated as follows. Before the update the WP jumper next to the EEPROM has to be closed.

  • Install EEPROM utils:

    $ git clone --depth=1
    $ cd hats/eepromutils
    $ make
    $ chmod +x
  • Generate EEPROM data:

    $ wget
    $ ./eepmake rpi-uno-hat.txt rpi-uno-hat.eep
  • Update/Flash EEPROM:

    $ sudo ./ -w -t=24c32 -f=rpi-uno-hat.eep

    Note: For a Device Tree Kernel add to /boot/config.txt the following line before flashing: dtparam=i2c0=on (before any dtoverlay statement).