XBee Module

How to restore a bricked Digi XBee module?

  1. Take the module out of the interface board (e.g. SparkFun XBee Explorer).
  2. Connect the interface board to the computer.
  3. Open X-CTU.
  4. Select 115200 Baud and go to the “Modem Configuration” tab.
  5. Set the Always update firmware checkbox.
  6. Select proper modem from drop down menu.
  7. Select proper function set and firmware version from drop down menus.
  8. Click on the Write button. After a few seconds you will get an info box. At this point, CAREFULLY insert the module into the interface board.
  9. You may get the info box again a short while after, just use the reset button on the interface board or if the board has no reset button then make a short connection between RST and GND with a wire. If this still not works, start from the beginning again.

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