LPCXpresso LPC-Link

Manual Firmware Update

  1. Connect the LPC-Link to the USB-Port. Then the Device Manager will display USB Device with DFU Capabilities. If not install the drivers from <LPCXpresso_install_dir>\Drivers\DFU

  2. Open a Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and enter the following commands

    cd <LPCXpresso_install_dir>\lpcxpresso\bin\Scripts

    for Windows XP

    bootLPCXpresso winusb

    for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

    bootLPCXpresso hid

    If bootLPCXpresso is not working try a longer timeout. For this search in the file for the line

    "%BOOT_HOME%\..\dfuapp" /f "%BOOT_HOME%\..\%ROM%" /tl 250 /l dfuapp.log

    and change it to

    "%BOOT_HOME%\..\dfuapp" /f "%BOOT_HOME%\..\%ROM%" /tl 500 /l dfuapp.log
  3. The Device Manager will display LPC-Link Debug Probe if the firmware loading was successful. If not install the drivers from <LPCXpresso_install_dir>\Drivers\LPC-Link