Learn to Solder Kit based on a Microchip ATtiny841 Microcontroller with Micronucleus USB Bootloader. The board is compatible with the Arduino IDE.



  • Microchip ATtiny841 @ 8 MHz (internal clock)
  • Micronucleus USB Bootloader (Arduino compatible)
  • IR-LEDs to send infrared codes (e.g. TV-B-Gone)
  • LEDs, Buttons, Pin Connectors…
  • MicroUSB connector for programming/communication
  • Power Supply: CR2032 (3V) / LIR2032 (3.6V) cell battery or USB





  • Download and install the Arduino IDE.
  • Add the following URL to the Boards Manager. File->Preferences->Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  • Install the Watterott AVR Boards via the Boards Manager. Further infos here. Tools->Board->Boards Manager….
  • Connect the Robo-Badge via USB to the computer and then press the reset button.
  • Now a LED on the Robo-Badge should start to blink.
  • On a Windows operating system a driver installation is needed. The drivers are included with the BSP or you can find them here.

Build and Upload

  • Start the Arduino IDE.
  • Open the respective Arduino Sketch .ino.
  • Select ATtiny841 (8MHz) under Tools->Board.
  • Start build and upload: File->Upload.
  • When the compiling has finished and Uploading… is shown, press the reset switch to start the bootloader.
  • Wait till the upload has finished and Done uploading is shown.
  • If there are upload problems, try another USB cable and on an USB 3 port try an USB 2 hub between the PC and board.