TMC2209 SilentStepStick


View from the top side. Further infos can be also found in the schematics PDF file.

v2.x Pinout

TMC2209 v2 Pinout


  • To enable UART communication, the jumper on the driver has to be bridged from the middle to the respective position.
  • If the operating mode (stealthChop or spreadCycle) cannot be set via UART correctly, then check if the SPREAD pin is not connected to any other signal. Because the operating mode will toggle, if the pin state (low or high) is changed.
  • SKR v1.3 boards use MS3 as UART pin, which is SPREAD on the TMC2209 SilentStepStick. For UART mode the xxxUART pin 1 has to be connected to xxxSPI pin 1 and no jumpers set for UART or SPI on the SKR board. The jumper on the driver board has to be also closed in one direction to activate UART communication. Another method to enable UART is described here.
  • SKR v1.4 boards use another pin for UART and so a solder bridge is needed and the SPREAD/MS3 pin has to be cut off, further infos here. The jumper on the driver board has to be also closed in one direction to activate UART communication.
  • TriGorilla boards set the configuration pins MS1 + MS2 + MS3 to 5V (high), which will set the TMC2209 into 1/16 spreadCycle mode. To enable 1/16 stealthChop mode, cut off the pin SPREAD/MS3 pin on the TMC2209 to unconnect it from the mainboard (SPREAD has an internal pull-down resistor).

Pin Functions

.Power Supply
VMMotor Supply Voltage (5.5-28V)
VIOLogic Supply Voltage (3.3-5V)
.Motor Outputs
M1AMotor Coil 1
M1BMotor Coil 1
M2AMotor Coil 2
M2BMotor Coil 2
.Control Inputs
STEPStep-Signal Input
DIRDirection-Signal Input
ENEnable Motor Outputs (GND=on, VIO=off)
MS1Step-Configuration, pd
MS2Step-Configuration, pd
SPREADChopper, pd (GND=stealthChop, VIO=spreadCycle)
PDN_UARTUART and Auto Power Down Control, pd (GND=on, VIO=off)
DIAGDiagnostics Output (VIO=error)
INDEXIndex Output (one pulse per each four fullsteps)
VREFAnalog Reference Voltage

pd - pin with pull-down resistor



Other modes and options can be set via UART (see TMC220x Configurator).