TMC5160 SilentStepStick


View from the top side (with MosFets). Further infos can be also found in the schematics PDF file.

v1.3 Pinout

TMC5160 v1.3 Pinout

Note: CLK has to be connected to GND on v1.3 to use the internal clock.

v1.4 Pinout

TMC5160 v1.4 Pinout

Note: The DCO pin is an output, keep attention that it is not connected to SDO, because some mainboards bridge these pins (also called SLP + RST). To activate the motion controller the SD_MODE jumper has to be opened and the SD_MODE pin has to be set to GND with a wire (SD_MODE=0). See Schematics.

Pin Functions

Power Supply
VMMotor Supply Voltage (10-35V or 10-50V)
VIOLogic Supply Voltage (3.3-5V)
Motor Outputs
M1AMotor Coil 1
M1BMotor Coil 1
M2AMotor Coil 2
M2BMotor Coil 2
Control Inputs
STEPStep-Signal Input
DIRDirection-Signal Input
ENEnable Motor Outputs: GND=on, VIO=off
TMC5160 SPI Mode
SDO/CFG0MISO - Serial Data Output
SDI/CFG1MOSI - Serial Data Input
SCK/CFG2SCLK - Serial Clock Input
CS/CFG3SS - Chip Select Input (no internal pull-up resistor)
DCEN/CFG4dcStep Enable Input, pd (GND=off)
DCIN/CFG5dcStep Gating Input, pd
DCOdcStep Ready Output
SD_MODEMode: Motion Controller (VIO=off)
SPI_MODEMode: SPI, pd (VIO=on)
CLKClock input (GND=int. clock)
DIAG0Diagnostics Output 0 (50k pull-up to 2.5V)
DIAG1Diagnostics Output 1 (100k pull-down to GND)

pd - pin with pull-down resistor (to GND)

Operating Modes

GNDVIOSPI and Motion Controller enabled