TMC5160 SilentStepStick


v1.3 Pinout

TMC5160 v1.3 Pinout

Note: CLK has to be connected to GND on v1.3 to use the internal clock.

v1.4 Pinout

TMC5160 v1.4 Pinout

Pin Functions

Power Supply
VMMotor Supply Voltage
VIOLogic Supply Voltage
Motor Outputs
M1AMotor Coil 1
M1BMotor Coil 1
M2AMotor Coil 2
M2BMotor Coil 2
Control Inputs
STEPStep-Signal Input
DIRDirection-Signal Input
ENEnable Motor Outputs: GND=on, VIO=off
TMC5160 SPI Mode
SDO/CFG0MISO - Serial Data Output
SDI/CFG1MOSI - Serial Data Input
SCK/CFG2SCLK - Serial Clock Input
CS/CFG3SS - Chip Select Input (no internal pull-up resistor)
DCEN/CFG4dcStep Enable Input, pd (GND=off)
DCIN/CFG5dcStep Gating Input, pd
DCOdcStep Ready Output
CLKClock input (GND=int. clock)
DIAG0Diagnostics Output 0 (50k pull-up to 2.5V)
DIAG1Diagnostics Output 1 (100k pull-down to GND)

pd - pin with pull-down resistor